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Golden Saint Army of Athena in The lost Canvas Anime

Sion Aries (Aries)
     Voice - Miki Shinichiro
     Trick: Stardust Revolution, Crystal Wall, Sekishikabane tact spirit wave
     Best friend Warabetora. 18 years old., teacher hits the senior pupil of Yuzuriha is a haku lei of altar seat. I have a repair technology of Cloth as well as the teacher. Sense of responsibility and sense of justice is a strong young behavioral. It is swayed by selfish behavior of the teacher, but is looked on as the successor from haku lei became the Pope after the death on behalf of his brother. Pope was killed "Ran Saga" in the master of Mu of Aries that appeared in Saint Seiya.

Aldebaran Taurus (Taurus)
     Voice - Sugita Tomokazu
     Trick: Great horn, Nova Titans, Titans break
     Hasugado real name. 28 years old. Saint of the giant. Caring is very good with a Gohorairaku personality, etc. grow as the father instead of the usual to collect the orphans before you become a Saint. It is a personality who is liked by everyone, you are going to lead to the righteous way, even a person who is hostile. His personality was a profound effect on the Warabetora. Discarded from the real name because they want to live like a star of gold cow as Saint, you are claiming unique name for the Taurus star α the "Aldebaran". It had a mind of steel and indomitable fighting spirit, but lose their lives become a scapegoat of Tenma.

Defuterosu of Gemini (Gemini)
     Trick: Another dimension, Mavu loss gills option crust, Galaxian Explosion
     27-year-old. It is feared is called the demon to residents of Kanon Island. Committing the blood of the goddess to Warabetora and resolved war Wearing Cloth After you have trained as a disciple Tenma. Defeated shootout the Galaxian Explosion confronted with his brother that was revived as a subordinate of Hades army, it says that the blow of their own is through the "core" of the brother surely, to disappear in front of him.

Asupurosu of Gemini (Gemini)
     Technique: Galaxian Explosion, Maboroshioboromasumeragi-ken it (Sold Senate Mao), Another dimension, Akugeminga
     25-year-old died. Twin brother of Defuterosu. Once, and attempt to manipulate rebellion in Maboroshioboromasumeragi fist brother Natsuki ambition but it is purge failed. It will protect people (Mars) Mamiya-Mars fourth as Meitoshi and resurrection after death in the power of Hades. The suicide burning ambition abiding and alive.
     Maboroshioboromasumeragi fist multiplied to himself in Imawanokiwa also is released by the death of his brother break him at the end of the fight with Defuterosu also, punched the "core" of his own, and at the same time regain his own former I would like also wearing atmosphere reminiscent of Defuterosu. Rise in revolt to Hades, but it is missing by the intervention (Kairos) 杳馬 that toyed the fate of their brothers. However, escape to overcome the power of Kairos is God by the ability to manipulate time and space of their own. It was victory at last by using even a peculiar state in alone to confront Kairos rescued Sion Warabetora that was swallowed, it is also a Meitoshi is a golden Saint. Amid flesh disappearing from life as Meitoshi At the same time, pour out the feelings themselves is a traitor of the sanctuary reunited with Sasha is also saved in the words of Sasha, it disappeared while being Mitra her.

Manigorudo Cancer (Cancer)
     Voice - Ono Daisuke
     Trick: Akubensu, Sekishikabaneki underworld wave, Sekishikabanekioni Aoihomura (Sekishi Kiki Mulberry), broken Sekishikabanekitamashi burial (yes Sekishiki crowded)
     25 years old. Jikideshi the only Pope sage. I was able to see the much Konpaku contacting deeply the death of a person from an early age. It becomes Saint in that it has met the sage, to inherit all of the power and the skill. Behavior Giaku manner often it poised to oblique, but proud man with a sense of justice of their own. I manipulate the will-o'-the-wisp that burns in the soul food. The confrontation with the God of Death Thanatos along with the teacher, it was containment with in exchange for the body.
     It is the meaning of executioner is told in Gaiden "Manigorudo".

Regulus Leo (Leo)
     Technique: Lightning plasma, Athena exclamation (used alone), Zodiac exclamation, Lightning bolts, lion scythe (Lightning Crown)
     15 years old. Have been killed in Rhadamanthys father. There is an acquaintance from the time of Saint candidates and 耶人. It is described as a genius under the guidance of as a Saint in Shijifosu.
     It has the talent to not only make full use the speed of light as a fist of Saint Leo, observe the movement of the opponent, to mimic the technique. Because you have to Noboritsume golden Saint as early as unusual has knack extraordinary, there is also ignorant face to common sense as a Saint. You have to care about himself aware sometimes it is described as it is not possible to understand the feelings of the ordinary man.
     To destroy the bio rate in battles around the "Ark" is also defeated ambushed of Aeacus. Relative to the Rhadamanthys The Lost Canvas, the difference between the power of the Rhadamanthys became to as "KamiRyu" also hit the work of all with the treasury is obvious, Zodiac dark unleash together the work of Golden Saint who respected and feeding the automation also flesh himself disappear can not withstand. However, he has become one with nature to reach the area of the father was a Golden Saint of the strongest, while apologized to the fellow that succeeded in destroying the heart of Rhadamanthys by Lightning bolts of the whole body, go ahead disappeared.

Asumita Virgo (Virgo)
     Voice - Ishida Akira
     (Sky You know what to do evil spirits of the mountains and rivers), Goma marked Khan, Ohm, Tenma surrender (Tenma Guangfu), deities samsara (Rikudo Linnaeus), heaven dance circle ornament (Tenbu Falun), sky Hayokoshima evil spirits of the mountains and rivers: trick (N Goumai)
     21-year-old. Saint of the blind native. Because that has been sealed always a visual of the five senses, I have the ability exceptionally high among golden Saint. By and with the darkness, it was perceived that there in the lost and chaos is always the ground, it had continued meditation and going back and forth to this world and the underworld is a tough battle. After meeting sprinkled with fist and Tenma wandering the underworld, was ordered to bring back the fruit of Mokuren-ko is the presence there only live in the underworld to him. Order to complete the Hyakuhachinojuzu which becomes decisive battle weapon in Jameel, were fliers his life to the limit increases the microcosm.

Warabetora Libra (library)
     Voice - Kenta Miyake
     Trick: hundred Ryuha Lushan (Lushan hundred dragon), IoriyamaNoboru Ryuha (Lushan Shoryu is), thousand 遊虎, (Lushan detention) Ioriyamaryu flight (Rozanryu flight), Lushan 亢龍 supremacy Embu (Yuko full-time demonstration)
     18 years old. Best friend of Zion. Personality sociable bright and cheerful. Dedicated drinker. Since brought to sanctuary assess the qualities of Tenma, watching over as little brother. The fear that Tenma has a strong fate and Hades of current Anzuru the body. And bestow the role that survived the crusade along with Zion, to monitor the Hades army sitting in five old peaks. Warabetora person of Roshi that Libra that appeared in Saint Seiya.

Cardia Scorpio (Scorpion)
     Voice - Yusa Koji
     Trick: Scarlet needle, needle Katakeo Scarlet, Scarlet Needle Katakeo Antares
     22-year-old. I headed to the Blue Grado Poseidon sleep together with Dejeru of Aquarius who received the royal command of Athena. Heart is poor innate, lacking the skill of contraindications and also serves as a life extension. May develop a high fever from time to time in the past with its rebound, it seems to have been asked by cooling with Koki of Dejeru each time, but how have overcome to some extent now.
     Sometimes you have to drag rotation unknowingly Athena Sasha just came to the sanctuary still, you are in contact with each other as shown in big brother in private get along well with Sasha from the edge at that time.
     I want to win at war with Rhadamanthys in Blue Grado. It was on the verge of run out of steam reached the limit of the heart himself, but Tsuredashi to him out Furishibori the power of last appeared in front of the unity that runs to the sanctuary joint feelings of Dejeru, dropping the life.

Shijifosu Sagittarius (Sagittarius)
     Voice - Hiroshi Nojima
     Trick: Chiron's light impulse, Chiron's sweep rate gills, Chiron's Dark Impulse (by Meikoromo Shijifosu of illusion)
     29-year-old. Young man who was taken off to discover Sasha in Italy. On the other hand gentle heart, remorse is strong. In response to the life of Pope sage, it was going to secretly study of twins God behind the scenes in the shadow of holy war. Send an arrow to alone that was invasion in sanctuary but it becomes coma received the arrow returns, taken away the soul dream world of Hypnos under (Mukai) to four gods, and is sealed to Morufia of a dream world. Had been tied up the soul itself by sense of deep regret that it tore and Sasha alone that has become the beginning of the tragedy, but achieve a revival in that it has rescued Sasha boarded in a dream world.
     It means that to perform the assistant Sasha that thereafter, lost the Pope as a facilitator of the Golden Saint us. In the battle over the "Ark", collides with the enemy general Aeacus that absolute bond of slavery, to deny the bond of slavery as his "Forward" the same, to destroy the Aeacus to reach the Eitosenshizu finally in exchange for a vision . In order to open the gates, it emits Athena exclamation along with Sion Regulus, even while losing the heart, has been dropped and life in the lost canvas.

El Cid Capricorn (Capricorn)
     Voice - Kazuya Nakai
     Technique: chop (Excalibur), Jumping Stone
     26-year-old. I yearn as brother Shijifosu. Clunky taciturn. Also interested interest also is not in the except that it pump up oneself. In order to recapture the soul of Shijifosu was trapped in (Mukai) dream world, stepping alone in barrier of sleep Hypnos at the behest of Sasha, but is cut off the right arm in the fight against Ikerosu in this world. Name is not attached to the tremendous chop fed out from the right hand as is that of unfinished work of its own, but is compensated by user 's fighting spirit right arm you have lost, you have defeated the three God with a chop for feeding from it in a dream world. The challenge to fight along with the Tenma to four God coalesced in this world, defeating four God has its Ichimei. Than live like heart and El Cid, Shijifosu was likened "Sword Saint (Excalibur)" is what El Cid himself to be.

Dejeru of Aquarius (Aquarius)
     Voice - Hirakawa Daisuke
     Trick: Aurora Expedition queue tions, Karitsu~o, diamond dust, Gran Karitsu~o, diamond dust Leu, freezing shield
     22-year-old. I manipulate the Koki of enough to freeze a moment in the ocean. This is called the Saint of knowledge knowledgeable, and has a large amount of books in the library Takarabinmiya. Then his training as a Saint in the Blue Grado, are taught a variety of knowledge from the ruler Garcia.
     Itself Fumitodomari on the seabed in order to stop the Serafina that were runaway the power of Poseidon by the intervention of Pandora, to destroy-settlement this fight with best friend unity became the sea militants of Sea Dragon at the Blue Grado also, all in unity it was a relief to the ground and have entrusted. While pledge to continue watching the unity and Blue Grado, and lost their lives wrapped in ice along with Serafina.
     It is the meaning of thaw has been told in Gaiden "Dejeru".

Arubafika Pisces (Pisces)
     Voice - Hiroshi Kamiya
     Trick: Royal Demon Rose, piranha down Rose, Bloody Rose, Crimson Thorn
     23-year-old. To create a structure to withstand the poison in order to use the (Demon Rose) Temple of Doom rose with a deadly poison, even the blood is highly toxic. Therefore, to behave so as not to repel the others usually, but kind-hearted person caring others also nobly. The spread pitched Mamiya rose to around sanctuary, and the Mukaeutsu Meitoshi led by Minosu. Annihilate his men, but tooth does not stand in front of the overwhelming power of three macrocephaly, are broken bones of the whole body. But caught up to him in the flesh was mortally wounded, Defeat Minosu at the end of the rematch, it was exhaustion while being Mitra girls of the village yearns yourself with Zion is a comrade-in-arms.
     It is a Saint that weapon and blood rose but are adept also hand-in-hand combat, the fight Toshukuken while with Kiki rather decided to fight it without worrying that the poison extends to fellow when the poison itself was sealed the challenge, was overwhelmed by the enemy.